Circle Sing for Women

(Circle Sing has ended.  The last Circle Sing series took place in June 2014.)

Circle Sing is a women’s singing group that sings and harmonizes inspirational music from many traditions.  It is relaxed, lively, and full of heart.  No previous group singing experience is necessary.  We hope that you will join us.  Our group will be better with you in it!

We start each evening with an opening song and invocation, followed by warm up exercises and vocalizing.  Then I lead the group in some experiential music theory, so that down the line everyone will be able to sight sing and know their way comfortably around a piece of written music.  (Believe it or not this is fun!)  Then we spend the rest of the time, using written music, learning to sing the songs for that session in parts.

The music is from many different genres.  I’m always open to playing some of the music in advance for someone considering joining the group, so that they can get an idea of what they’ll be singing.

The music we sing is mostly in two parts, although occasionally in unison or three parts.  You are welcome and encouraged to bring a recording device to record the songs that we sing, so that you can learn your parts quicker and easier.  If your life is such that you don’t want to do this, no worries.

Structure of Circle Sing

 We meet on Monday nights from 7:30 to 9:15 PM.  I ask that you come between 7:15 and 7:30 because we start with our opening song right at 7:30 PM.

We usually meet in eight week series, although that can vary.  The general structure is September/October, November/December, January/February, March/April, and May/June.


 Circle Sing meets at Dale’s house in North Oakland near Emeryville.  Please call for the address.

Requirements for Membership in Circle Sing

 There are no auditions.  If you can carry a tune you’re in.  If you’re in doubt as to whether or not you can carry a tune give me a phone call and I can tell you.  If you can’t carry a tune (yet!!!) you can take private lessons with me until you are ready to come into the group.  Over the years I have made it a specialty of teaching people to carry a tune.   Our members have widely varying amounts of previous singing experience and skill levels.  Some come in confident, with lots of previous singing experience, and others quite insecure, not having sung individually or in a group for years.  Participation in Circle Sing is a wonderful, enjoyable way to build your confidence and skill level as a singer.

Financial Information

 The cost of Circle Sing is $162 for an eight week series.  The cost, pro-rated, works out to be $20 per evening plus $2 for copying.  (A seven week series would be $142; a six week series would be $122, etc.)  Since this is not a drop-in group, this fee applies whether you come or not to individual evenings during the series.

(510) 655-1425


 “When I first came to Circle Sing, I loved music and singing, but I couldn’t do either very well.  From being in Circle Sing I’ve learned how to sing both melody and harmony.  I’ve learned how to blend with others and how to feel the rhythm.  Dale teaches singing with a sense of ease and joy, not with effort.  Her own joy and pleasure from music radiate throughout the group.  I always feel happy and connected in Circle Sing.”  —Kathy K.

“When I started with Circle Sing I was a strictly “by ear” singer.  Now I can read the wonderful music that Dale always brings to the group.”  —Susan S.

“Monday Circle Sing is consistently one of the happiest events of the week for me.  It is a delight to harmonize with such wonderful women and I find that Dale’s support, humor, and teaching style make the evenings fun and productive.”  —Uma H.

Last Night at Circle Sing was especially beautiful. We all arrived exhausted and left exuberantly. We will meet again in January.

8 thoughts on “Circle Sing for Women

  1. Circle Sing is a wonderful merge of soul and music. I love the Monday nite group. It has improved my vocal range and ability to sight read music greatly in just one year. The lovely union of women adds to my experience of life and love.

  2. I love the winter songs we’re singing. They’re deep and earthy, a wonderful way of connecting to this time of year.

  3. I am very grateful for the inward, meditative songs we are singing in Circle Sing right now. This is the right “note” for me at this point, and also for the cold, rainy season we are in.

  4. Tonight’s Circle Sing was amazing! We sang harmony effortlessly! We have learned so much!

  5. Participating in this group has been helpful to get some singing confidence. I’m already breathing differently and feeling less shy about singing in the car and in my own home. Singing in a group makes it easy to let your voice be heard and Dale makes it feel really accessible.

  6. Monday night was great – even though the day was hectic the evening of singing with others and Dale brought me renewed energy. I look forward to Monday evenings . (And loved singing Siyahamba!)

  7. I look forward to Monday evenings: beautifully written music shared with lovely, caring women. When I started in circle sing I was not comfortable singing in a group. With the ease and friendliness of this group and the leader, Dale, my confidence has increased and I truly enjoy Circle Sing.

  8. I’m new to Circle Sing and am so happy to have joined. Although I hadn’t sung in years, I feel my (singing) voice is gradually returning through these totally enjoyable evenings. Dale is inspiring, kind, extremely knowledgable as a teacher and imparts her skills in an effortless manner. Maybe the best part is the inspired and lovely, lovely songs. They are special and a joy to sing.

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